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Music by Alan Monteiro

High Quality Soundtracks

Alan monteiro is a composer, performer and producer, and you can find out all about his work here!


Current projects

The Tenth Line

Fantasy RPG - PC/Mac/PlayStation 4 – 2017

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Thyrian Defenders

Shoot 'em up - iOS/Android – 2017

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Eden's LastSunrise

Tactics RPG - PC/Mac/Consoles - TBD

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Infanteria Show

Bateria UFABC - Band

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Original Compositions

Below you can find some of my past work, if you need something in a different style we can talk about a demo for your project!

Mysteries Revealed

dark, metal

For What Little Time We Have

action, battle, orchestral

Houses ~ Lenin the Lion

happy, relaxing, emotional

Busy Intersection

energetic, hip hop

Here's to Never Standing Alone

adventurous, happy, relaxing

Fate Collapse

metal, battle, orchestral

All that Lives Below

adventurous, epic, orchestral


80’s retro, action

Midnight Battle

orchestral, epic, dark, battle

Ultimate Encounter

8bit/modern, rock, epic, space

For Glory & Order Everlasting

epic, battle, orchestral

Pandora’s Theme

orchestral, emotional

The Tenth Line

epic, orchestral, fantasy


action, orchestral, battle


eletronica, piano, sad


retro, adventurous, 8-bit hybrid

Never So Simple

emotional, piano

Dark World

dark, orchestral

Make a Mark

epic, orchestral, battle

A Sky Made of Tar

suspense, dark, semi-orchestral

Dance of Earth and Sky

world music, adventurous


ambient, scary, orchestral

Card Game

bossa nova, relaxing, happy


metal, electronica, action

Tales Told by Torchlight

world music, dark, semi orchestral

Dungeon Depths

dark, orchestral

World Adventure

adventurous, world music

Baroq Castle

baroque, orchestral


world music, happy

Green and Gold

relaxing, semi orchestral

Alan Monteiro

Creative Soundtracks

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and since the age of 9 started to take guitar lessons and since then my life changed completely thanks to music. Being a complete lover of video games and such, I started to get into MIDI sequencing and composing for small non-commercial projects from brazilian and international communities since early 2009.

After years composing for small RPG projects to gather experience I decided to take it more seriously and improved mt home studio to take the challenges of the competitive market of commercial projects, starting in late 2015 to 2016 with the scoring of The Tenth Line.

All game styles are my passion, from RPG to horror, and always eager to adjust the style depending of what fits best for the game, like semi orchestral, rock, electronica and world music.

Aside from that I’m also a guitarist and bassist, playing on gigs for hundreds and thousands of people, performing with local bands, also having a wide range of styles, and being guitarist for my own Indie Rock band, Red Floor.

Some questions

frequently asked questions

Where are you?

I am currently living in Santo André - SP, but you can hire me from anywhere in the world.

What kind of music do you play?

As a performist, I play mostly rock and indie music, but I also like to play all other styles.

What kind of projects do you compose for?

I compose mainly for the game industry and for my personal projects, but I could compose for anyone who's interested in my work.


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Alan Monteiro
Santo andré - SP